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The Start Here page is meant to get you started in your quest for gold. Spend some time getting the basics down before wandering off into the wilderness. Knowing the basics could save you a lot of time and create extra gold in your pockets (or WoW bag). Good luck!

Basics of Making Gold

The most obvious part of making gold is whatever you're doing, whether if it's farming, grinding, auctioning, or anything else, you have to do something that turns into a profit. So if you've decided to take one of our articles check the market price of something on the AH or do a price check on the trade channel (hopefully someone will respond) to see if it really is worth your time to farm it for example.

Knowing the market price

Market prices fluctuate in the game and sometimes things are being sold on the auction house at ridiculous prices. But if you don't know what the market price of something is, you won't know if it's cheap or expensive. If you have a firm grasp of the market price, you will be able to make the most of your profits and sometimes buy low and sell high on the auction house.

Knowledge of the AH

When looking for market prices of things, I like to make a list of things that I check on the auction house before I heading for a session World of Warcraft of playing. This way I know what is selling well, what there is a shortage for on the auction house and what will create the biggest profit for me that day. So make a quick list like I do (I use excel and I guess I might be a little too hardcore but even something on a notepad will do) and write down everything that you want to check.

Some of these things might be materials for crafted items and others might be crafted items. Quick do a search and don't just look at the selling price of quantities of one, look at all of the different stacks on the auction house since often times, bigger stacks of items are being sold for a better price if you break it down individually..

Trade Channel

Once you have a strong sense for the market prices of things that you want to sell or buy be sure to scan the trade channel as people will often sell materials and goods for a bargain since they need quick gold or are somewhere that's hard for them to access an auction house.

If you think I should add something or want me to write about something let me know!


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