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At we encourage that you send in your unique ideas to us so that you can help other players in the World of Warcraft around the globe make the most of playing this wonderful game!

If you submit an article to us we will give you credit by listing your name (obviously, this can be a nickname) and your website link. In the case that we do put your website link on the article, we will ask the person submitting to create a reciprocal link using the following. We may add a button or image link in the future.

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Please note that we expect the articles to be written properly. A couple of lines with an idea will not pass as an article. We hope that submissions will be at least 100 words long to give readers some detail. Upon submission, has the right to alter the article and to reproduce for other readers on our website.

Please also note that not all submissions will be posted on our website. All submissions must not be copyrighted. has the right to remove any articles at any time. also has the right to change these Terms of Service at any time.

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