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World Of Warcraft Guide – A Quick Guide For Newbies

World Of Warcraft Guide – A Quick Guide For Newbies

World of Warcraft is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Play game, or MMORPG that was developed by Blizzard Entertainment, and has a player base of over ten million players in total. People from all around the world, coming from pretty much every country, have grown to become hooked to the game.


In World of Warcraft, the player creates a character which enables him/her to experience the enormous world of Azeroth. The players are able to pick between two sides to be on. Those two sides consist of: the Horde or the Alliance. The Horde is made up of more evil characters, for example the Undead or Trolls while The characters in the Alliance are considered to be the good guys. With these two teams, the players are able to pick a number of races and classes to join which expand the possibilities of unique characters.


You get different bonuses from joining different races. Some Horde races like the Orcs or Tauren will suffer a reputation deficit initially that is essentially how non-playable characters deal with you. Typically, the races tend to be balanced to a reasonable extent for both sides, even though Horde rely more on strength overall instead of intelligence or mobility.


The classes are the ones that determine what your character is going do throughout the entire game. You can choose to become a warrior, priest, or rogue with as many as 9 possibilities in total. From wielding long range weapons to morphing into beasts, your class is the one that will determine how you play World of Warcraft. Some of the classes can be very specific, for example the Priest is the one who relies upon healing powers in order to progress in the game. There is also the Shaman who’s got an array of magical spells, and is also capable of dealing a considerable amount of melee damage.


World of Warcraft gives the user numerous options in character creation and that is merely the start. From there, the player will be engrossed in an extremely large virtual world with numerous things to do and accomplish. From the interactions, the guilds, the duels, the fights, the exploration, and the intense gameplay that World of Warcraft offers make it extremely addictive. This game is the most popular MMRPG with more than ten million players worldwide. To get going, you will require a credit card or pre-paid game card. Regardless of the monthly fee that players have to pay, the players are happy to part their money in return for the opportunity to get immersed to the exciting virtual world of World of Warcraft.

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