WoW Gold Guide – HitGoldCap Guide Review

WoW Gold Guide – HitGoldCap Guide Review

It’s been a long time now that I keep listening to all the talk about reaching the gold cap in World of Warcraft. There has been at least one WoW gold guide or more in the last few years that the author has claimed that they had reached the gold cap with multiple characters. Players were skeptical during that time as nobody ever saw it previously and since Wrath of the Lich King was not even released yet.


Nowadays there are have been quite a few players that brag about reaching the cap and have even posted about it on the official forums. The only problem is that it wasn’t really possible to verify whether they had actually done it and when they had done it. Thinking about it, if you just spend your time farming ordinary items it would be very difficult and time consuming to reach the cap but it wouldn’t be impossible. Say for example that you make 500 gold per hour, it would have taken around 16 days of playing the game to be able to get to the cap. Yes that looks like a lot and it is a lot but surely not impossible. This is pretty much as much time as it would be needed to get two or three level 80s there.


However a WoW guide called Hit Gold Cap Guide was launched quite recently and many people are starting to wonder just how quickly one can reach the gold cap. In any case, if you are able to reach the gold cap spending less than 6 months, then why not give it a shot? Based on T Dub Sanders’ guide, in theory you can hit the gold cap spending around a month, if you work hard towards this goal every day (that is pretty much what he claims).


Due to the large amount of gold guides that are released that claim to be better than the others, we are all skeptical about trying them. I did decide to take a look on this one since the Hit Gold Cap Guide promised to be a step by step and streamlined process to help you reach the gold cap, and was not supposed to be something like showing you how to quest or farm your way to the gold cap. Even though there are some guides that talk about reaching the gold cap, they are not as bold in their claims as this guide, since they say that you will be able to reach the cap without spending endless time farming. What goes out is that this works quite nicely so far and is a nicely designed guide that it’s not very overwhelming with new information. It shows players an interesting way to master the auction house by using a combination of new techniques and four specific add-ons.


If you are interested in reaching the gold cap in WoW without spending a long, long time farming and questing, then you can give this WoW gold guide a try and get to see why there is such a big fuss about it. I am not interested in wasting my time with ineffective practices when there is a way to do it more efficiently and faster, but how about you?


If you want to take a look at the HitGoldCap guide, you can click the link below and see what this guide has to offer.

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