WoW Guide – Warcraft Conquest Guide Review

WoW Guide – Warcraft Conquest Guide Review

Everyone who has played World of Warcraft knows that it is a vast and extremely complicated game. From its release in 2004, there have been three different expansions for the game which contain loads of new quests and instances, giving the player loads of things to do, even when they get to the level cap. Naturally, for such a game, many guides have been released to help players throughout the game and provide them with tips and tricks to maximize their game experience as well as to hasten it.

There is a lot of variety in WoW guides and these guides mainly put emphasis on leveling, gold making and PVP. While there are some guides that are very good at their subject, they usually don’t appear to be covering everything with as much detail as they should.

Quite recently, I came across a WoW guide authored by Max Lee who is one of the creators of Warcraft Formula and it piqued my interest. Max Lee has experience of loads of topics in WoW and has gained expertise on the subject. This WoW guide is supposed to be created to be very thorough and explain in detail pretty much every aspect about the game when a player reaches the level cap at level 85.

I decided to give this guide a chance and I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Max actually does spend enough time and effort to cover pretty much all aspects of the game. There is a great collection of videos which include things such as knowing your role, race and class combinations, crowd control and utilizing heirlooms to assist you in leveling up quicker. Max then  spends time covering in detail subjects such describing every class of the game, how to make gold in WoW using the auction house and farming, as well as ways to enable you to get the most from the basic PVP strategies.

However, the real value of this WoW guide is the endgame content. What this means is that you get PVP guides for all the classes, talent specializations for all the classes, a collection of reputation videos, tips to help you find legendary items and vanity items as well as a big collection of videos which provide you with everything you need to know for PVE in order to be able to dominate the instances and the high-level bosses. This guide can prove to be very useful, provided that you know what you want to get out of the game. Anyway, I would recommend that you at least give Warcraft Conquest guide a shot, no matter of your current level, and give yourself the chance to see some of the amazing things that you are able to do when you get to level 85.

You can check out the guide by clicking on the picture below.

WoW Guide, Warcraft Conquest Guide

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